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Tanika Hahn
Tanika Hahn is a freshman at Clairemont High school and a student journalist for the school paper the CHS Arrow.

This is Tanika’s first year at CHS and she is yet to do anything exciting. She started Journalism her second semester of high school not to pursue a career in Journalism but to improve her writing skills.

Tanika Hahn said, “I really enjoy writing. In no way do I want to have a career in it, but an extra hobby can't hurt!”

She is in the Academy of Health and Medical Science and hopes to pursue a career as a doctor or a dancer. Tanika has a passion for medicine considering most of her childhood was spent in hospitals.

Hahn said, “When I was six-month-old they found out I had a VSD so I became a cardiology patient. Just after I turned nine years old I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, because of cancer the lymph nodes in my back where enlarged and that broke my back so I suddenly had six fractures in my back from not doing anything. I went through two and a half years of chemotherapy, twenty-three different surgery's, nine different hospital stays and a lot of different types of doctors.”

Currently, she is not participating in any clubs or school sports however she takes ballet classes at California Ballet. She is in the Junior Company and trains in the pre-professional division.

“I love dancing because it's a great way to get away from my problems and feel like I can get out of my body. Ballet is my favorite style of dance because it's so technically demanding you have to do everything perfectly or it’s not right; also standing en pointe feels pretty great!” said Hahn.

She is currently undecided about what her future plans are.

“I want to be a dancer and a doctor so that's going to be difficult. I figure I will probably do one or the other but my dream is to dance in either New York City Ballet, Los Angeles Ballet, Joffrey Ballet or just about any good ballet company. I want to start young so I can dance for a long time, I want to become a principal dancer maybe even a prima ballerina! I figure during this time I will attend college or do it online when I have time I'll go to medical school and become some type of doctor,” Hahn said.

Tanika lives with her mom, dad, and older brother. She has many friends at dance yet she struggles to make friends at school.

Hahn said, “I have a lot of friends at my dance studio but at school not so much. I have a few acquaintances and there are many people that are nice but I’m not super close with anyone.”

Tanika has a lot of dreams she would like to follow and hopes too somehow achieve all of them.

Tanika Hahn, student-journalist

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