• The Arrow Will Return After Summer Break. . .maybe
Ruby Morales, student-journalist
Ruby Morales is a freshman in Clairemont High School and remembers she was very nervous the first day of school.

“I had no idea if the teachers would be strict or if there were more rules. I didn’t have a clue on what to expect considering the fact that I didn’t go to orientation,” she said.

Her parents had originally said that she was going to go to a charter school. She had been going there throughout the summer, but there was a change of plans.

She and her family moved around four times during summer, and since she did not have good grades in eighth grade, her parents decided to put her in a charter school so that she can be prepared for high school.

“To be honest, it was the worst couple months of my life. Even though I got to go to school only three times a week, I had to wake up early during the summer. Also, we spent the entire time in front of the computer, taking notes. I begged my parents to try and find a place near Clairemont because I had gotten sick of the charter school,” Ruby said.

Her parents did manage to find a place close to their work but also close to the school she wanted. She was incredibly happy, and she could not wait for the first day of school.

“I never knew I would be so excited to go back to waking up early and going to school, but here we are,” she said.

She went to Alcott Elementary School, and for middle school, she went to Marston, which is right across the street from Clairemont. She loves in Clairemont since she is so familiar with it.

She said, “Me and my parents really like the Clairemont area since I spent most of my life around there. It’s nice to be back in this area.”

Though she had been here in Clairemont most of her life, her parents actually came from Mexico. Her first language was Spanish, but since she was born here, she quickly learned English, making her bilingual.

Ruby said, “I can speak Spanish pretty well, but my parents say I sometimes mess up on a couple of words here and there.”

She enjoys art and likes to draw and listen to music in her free time. Ruby likes to draw a lot, especially eyes.

“I love drawing eyes since they’re so simple to draw. If I ever write notes in any class, there would always be a drawing on the paper. I don’t know, it sort of entertains me while I try not to fall asleep to the teacher talking,” she said.

She has a mix of music genres she likes to listen to so it is not easy to clarify what she listens to.

She said, “I sometimes listen to bands like Gorillaz, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, but I also listen to lo-fi, rap, cumbia, Mexican bands, just a wide range of options that I can’t really remember at the moment. I like to listen to music while I draw or write or almost anything I do.”

Her interest in journalism started when she was in her English class. Her teacher had complimented her writing, and she decided to join some type of club or elective that included it.

Ruby said, “I like writing but not really for assignments, mostly just for fun when I get inspiration. My English teacher in middle school actually said she liked my writing and I should get into something, so I decided to give journalism a shot.”

As a result, she has journalism as her elective. Though she does want more freedom in her writing, her teacher said that they would soon get the chance to write what they want.

“I don’t really enjoy what we’re writing at the moment, but our teacher said we’ll get more freedom later, I just hope that comes soon,” she said.

Ruby Morales, student-journalist

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