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Roselyn Agundez
Roselyn Agundez is a 9th grader at Clairemont High School. She is happy and ready to be back in school.

She has one brother that is 26 and a sister that is 21.

“I love how I and my brother and sister get along,” said Roselyn.

She is 4’11” and has long brown hair. She had braces but they were removed.

Roselyn likes school and tries hard to become successful and happy in the future. She wants to make sure she finishes high school and accomplishes everything she wants to.

“High school is fun, different, and better than middle school. There are much more activities and clubs,” said Roselyn.

What Roselyn is planning on doing after high school is going to college and hoping to have been successful in high school and hopefully get the job of her dreams.

This is her first time having Mr. Senteno for journalism and she is really liking and enjoying it. She enjoys having journalism since she can now learn how to properly write an article.

“Journalism is fun it is something new and you can learn so much from it,” said Roselyn.

In her free time, she likes to draw, dance, and do gymnastics.

When she was 10 she went to Rock Star Academy which is where she did gymnastics. She did gymnastics for 3 years and learned so much but quit because she wanted to focus more on school and her grades.

“Gymnastics was one of my favorite hobbies,” said Roselyn.

Roselyn picked IT which is Information Technology as her academy. She wanted to learn something new and something she thinks would be useful in some occasions even though all the academies were new to her she still wanted to choose one that sounded the most interesting.  

“I enjoy IT because it is something I never thought I would never learn and turns out it is fun,” said Roselyn.

Roselyn Agundez, student-journalist

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