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Nomar Dorado
Nomar Dorado H is a current Freshman attending Clairemont High School, he previously attended Cesar Chavez Elementary. From grades 1-5 then attended Marston Middle School through grades 6-8 he has lived his whole life in San Diego.

Nomar says, “Going into Clairemont I was kind of nervous, reason why is I did not attend the Orientation to know the school and where my class would be located. As well it being a new school and the campus is bigger and the education level would be higher and more demanding.¨

Nomar spends most of his time studying music, he hopes to one day become a well known musical artist. Music is his passion and he enjoys learning about it in school and individually in home, his time in Clairemont so far has been pretty nice so far.

“Music is my passion and I get my inspiration from different artists and bands. Although my grades aren't good I still enjoy going to school and learning about music and other school subjects along with trying to improve my grades.” said Nomar.

The academy Nomar is in is Health and Medical Sciences. Teaches him a lot about the human body. His classes are Journalism, English, Phys Education, Biology, Bio Medical and Band.

“I find band challenging as the years go on, having to count in time, listen , and play in time all while looking at the teacher is challenging. It is my 5th year of being in band, I had private lessons grades 5-6 and in 7th grade I picked back up in Marston Middle by the Clarinet.” said Nomar.

Nomar has a future planned for him already he hopes to go to college, maybe SDSU, to try and become a band teacher, architect or an engineer. To do this he has to get good grades and get better at math in order or maybe become an engineer.

¨If I attend SDSU I hope to also play for its Marching Aztecs band because it seems their music teaching is in an advanced level.” he said.

Nomar lives with his mom, dad, and brother. Both his parents are around age  40+. His brother used to attend Marston and Clairemont, his parents both did not finish High School and both were born in Tijuana.  

Nomar said, ¨My family is a nice caring and supportive family, my family puts education as the main priority. They want me to live a better life then they did as kids.¨ 

Nomar Dorado, student-journalist

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