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Maxine Jo Payne, student journalist
Maxine Jo Payne is a 14-year-old freshman who goes to Clairemont High School. She is also an only child who lives with both of her parents and four pets; two dogs, one cat, and one hamster.

A recent experience Maxine encountered caused her to realize that she likes to, and is good at, working with little kids and animals.

Maxine said, “You may think you have years and years to do what you want and achieve goals and dreams, until something occurs and you don’t know how much longer you will be able to do what you want, and only then you realize how much time you have wasted thinking you had enough time and saying ‘I will do it later.’ "

Family is very important to her since most of her family lives in another state and she does not get to see them often. Friends are equally important to her since they are like close family.

“People may not look like you or act like you, but they can still be family, even if not related by blood,” Megan said.

Interests Maxine has learned from and has tried out include robotics, animation, art, theater, and cheerleading. These interests will help guide her through life in and out of school by opening up some more, small or large, possible careers and hobbies.

“You may think you will not be interested in some things, but it is better to try it out then do not and possibly miss what could be a possible job or hobby.”

After school is over, Maxine is planning on getting her first jobs at retail stores and fast food restaurants, and make small animations for YouTube on the side. Yet, she is also planning on getting jobs with kids and animals.

Maxine said, “Big, good paying jobs may seem like a good choice so you would be able to have a good home and plenty of food, but it does not always make you happy to go for jobs that make you comfortable but still pays well enough to have a roof over your head and just enough food on the plate.”

Out of her journalism class, Maxine expects to get better at writing essays, stories, and scripts. She hopes as well to make more friends and get to know about things they are interested in.

“There is always a reason teachers teach subjects, it is that each subject will only help you in life in their own ways just as long as you pay attention to it and put in effort into learning it and use it in your life, both in and out of school; a school would not pay teachers to teach something that would not help you in life, that is not their job,” Maxine said.

Maxine J. Payne, student journalist

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