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Lindsey Flores
Lindsey Flores was born on January 5th, 2004 in San Diego, California. Her parents are José L. Flores and Irma Perez. 

She has five siblings; George, Cinthya, Vincent, Andy, and Kevin. She lives in California with her mother while everyone else lives in Texas with her father.

During her time at Clairemont High School, Lindsey has learned, “Late assignments are unacceptable and good grades are achieved through hard work.” A healthy sleeping schedule has also had a great impact on her everyday achievements.

She said, “If I slack off and don’t get enough sleep, I struggle a lot.”

She thinks many activities at school are fun.

“Most of the fun activities happen during certain classes or after school. In class, you can work on experiments or projects and after school, you can work on crafts or sports.”

Unlike many students, Lindsey enjoys coming to school.

When she graduates from Clairemont High School she plans on going to medical school to become a surgeon.  

Lindsey says, “I want to go into the medical field towards neurosurgery, cardiothoracic, or gynecology. If that doesn't work out, I plan to become a photographer, a journalist, a professional chef, an army dog handler, a naval pilot, or I'll look for something in the music industry.”

Lindsey and her mother are really close, their relationship can even be considered a little weird.

"Our relationship isn't like many others, it's not the average everyday mother and daughter. My whole life it's always been just me and her, we don't go out much because she works, I go to school, and we both get home late. However, every chance we get, we like to travel. We visit family or just go discover new places but, it's simply our thing. When we disagree we argue of course but, we rarely ever apologize to each other, we don't need to. We eventually get over it and 10 minutes later we're hanging out, hugging, and telling each other how much we love each other. I thank God for having her as a mother, we might not always have the best moments but, what she really is to me is a blessing. I can't thank Him enough for her."

Lindsey Flores, student-journalist

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