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Krystal Sifuentes
Krystal Sifuentes is a motivated, easygoing and assertive, individual. She is in the Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.

When she is older her ideal jobs is to be a doctor, a psychologist, or a dentist. Helping people with their health is very important and she finds it interesting.

Krystal said, “Helping others has always interested me at a young age. In the real world most people need support with medical help. Going into the medical field would be the best way to benefit people and make their lives easier.”

Krystal is currently a sophomore and is still exploring different hobbies. Her plans after school are not set in stone but, plans to attend college and study for her ideal job choice.   

As for after school activities, she enjoys to listen to music and hang out with friends. She also likes to better herself in any form she can.

“I’ve seen many other people become the best version of themselves. Even if it’s small changes everyday as long as I get to reach my goal. This helps me understand how to utilize specific things in life and benefit myself,” she said.

Krystal is the youngest out of her 5 siblings and has a really good supportive family. She’s often inspired by her older brothers and sister to do well in school.

“Growing up was fun and easy going since my brothers and sister always constantly check up on me,” she said.

Krystal is fortunate for taking journalism.

“I hope to acquire more writing skills while I’m in journalism. Writing for the Arrow may be a challenge but, most likely not too difficult for me,” Krystal said.

After taking this class, Krystal hopes she becomes a better student journalist. She also hopes to be able to keep the skills.

“Writing has never been an obstacle for me but, I’m interested in learning and improving the way I write,” said Krystal.

Krystal Sifuentes, Assistant Editor

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