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Hannah Robertson, student-journalist
Hannah Robertson is beginning her first year at Clairemont High School as a ninth grader; she went to middle school at Marston. As a ninth grader at a new school, it is a big change for her, the campus is much bigger and her schedule is different but she is getting more comfortable at her new school every day.

“I know high school is new to me and it's going to take some time to get familiar with,” Hannah said.

When she finally gets used to all these new things she will love it here at Clairemont. Her classes are interesting, the teachers are supportive, and the students are all friendly and helpful.

Last year she did not try as hard as she could have and she did not take school very seriously but now she knows she needs to change as a student. She will try to participate and ask more questions in class and work harder getting all her homework and classwork completed by the deadline.

This year she tried out for volleyball which she has never played before. She joined the team a few weeks later than all her other teammates so she pays more attention and tries her hardest at practice to catch up with everyone else that is on the team.

She said, “Playing a team sport has taught me the importance of working together as one.”

Everyone on her team always makes sure to work together and to uplift and give encouragement to their teammates that need it.

Hannah said, “Surround yourself with people who make you a better version of yourself.”

Joining that team made her realize to be successful at something she needs to really focus on working towards all her goals. She also realizes you should not get discouraged if someone is better than you at something, you just need to work to improve yourself.

Family and friends are an important part in Hannah's life, they always push her and give the encouragement she needs to make sure she is the best person she can be. They give her advice if she ever needs help or support her in life.

“Having a close group of people to fall back on is important to help me through hard times,” she said.

Procrastination has always made getting her work done on time a struggle so this year she has made a change and gets things done as soon as possible. It has been difficult to get straight to work but she wants to earn a high grade point average so this will make it easier to accomplish.

Hannah Robertson, student-journalist

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