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Haley Engelbrecht
Clairemont High School sophomore Haley Engelbrecht is involved in sports and extracurricular activities such as the gardening club and a college prep program WAHUPA. She enjoys learning about the functions of the body and what’s healthy for human health in the Health and Medical Academy.

Her freshman year she enrolled in the Engineering and Design Academy and lacked the motivation that the other students had in the academy. By the end of the second semester, she asked permission to switch to another academy.

From the switch, she was involved and is fond of the new discoveries and facts she takes from class every day. Her sophomore year has had difficulties and struggles but she has shown hard work and effort towards graduating.

Waking up at six, getting to school by seven, getting out by two in the afternoon, lacrosse practice at four, also seven o’clock volleyball. Then, getting back home at nearly nine at night and barely fitting two to three hours of homework.

Haley explains, “Practice every day after school from 2-4 then another practice 5-7 can be tough and tiring but it pays off, in the end, knowing I am getting the exercise I need.”

Ms. Engelbrecht has been searching around quite a bit and discovered many colleges. Her top three that interest her are Vanguard University, Sonoma State, and California State University of Channel Islands.

She wants to major in Communications. Public Relations is the goal at the top of the list.

“My mother and sister have told me about their Communications major in college and it has always seemed interesting enough to put a lot of work and time into.”

Being educated about how to write about public events and news and sharing it on platforms of media for the community has been her admiration since the start of high school.

Haley surrounds herself with responsible and inspirational influences such as her club volleyball coach, academy teachers, and her supportive family and friends. Their goals are related to Engelbrechts’ which means she has all the assistance and sources she needs.

The struggles she faces are mostly procrastination and lack of the greatest study skills. She finds things like music, a quiet, calm environment and motivation to finish her school work.

Mr. Senteno’s journalism class has definitely led Ms. Engelbrecht to seek greater things and bigger goals and determination for the following years of high school. Her penmanship skills have already improved and she is pushing to be better.

Haley Engelbrecht, student-journalist

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