Daniela Zazueta
15 years old, 5’2, long hair, braces, and thin are just some things that describe Daniela Zazueta. She was born on June 29th, 2003 at Sharp Memorial Hospital. She is currently a sophomore at Clairemont High School.

She is a bubbly, wild, nice, and out of the ordinary kind of girl. Daniela is loved by all her friends and family. She is very close with her family. She lives with both parents who love her very much.

On her free time, Daniela plays soccer. Center mid and striker are her 2 positions she plays. She started playing soccer when she was 13, she had a late start, but was a truly great player.

Her brother Luis also plays soccer and helped her become the great soccer player she is today. Unfortunately, she has a concussion so she has not been able to play.

“Playing sports are just a passion for me, I just love that feeling of adrenaline,” she says.

With playing sports also means your grades need to be good, so Daniela tries her hardest to keep her grades up. She is in the Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.

She really thinks this could help her in trying to have a career in the medical field. After high school, Daniela plans on attending college.

UCLA and SDSU are 2 colleges Daniela would like to go to. She knows how hard it is to get into one of these schools, but she will try her hardest.

She has siblings, 2 sisters and 1 brother. She also has a dog who she very much enjoys spending time with.

“Having a dog is like having a best friend that doesn’t talk, but you guys have this connection that just makes you love each other and care for one another.”

She also says that having a dog is a great feeling.

She has many goals for the future. She plans on traveling to many states and seeing the wonders of the world.

She wants to graduate from high school and have a family when she’s older. She says she hopes to move states to meet new people and have fresh starts.

She hopes to move to Phoenix, Arizona when she is older and plans on visiting her parents.

“I know people may think Arizona is a random place to live, but I actually really like it there. When I was younger I used to live there for about 6 years,” she said.

This is Daniela Zazueta.

Daniela Zazueta, student - journalist

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