Charlee FitzMaurice, student journalist
Charlee FitzMaurice is a sophomore at Clairemont High School. She has an older brother who attends too but not in the same classes.

She said, “I have three brothers and I'm the only girl.”

Family can be annoying, especially when there is only one girl with three brothers. Having pets helps with the annoyingness of family.

Charlee's family also has pets, three of them; a dog, bird and a chicken.

“Treasure is great but friends, pets and family is better.”

She has great friends at Clairemont, who she loves to spend time with and eat lunch with.

Charlee said, “Friends are sweet, just like ice cream.”

Being able to hang out with friends is great but with the right group of people. They help make school more interesting and fun.

She said, “Keep friends around, keep them close and life will be a little bit happier.”

She thinks that everyone should have a best friend and a handful of good friends. If not a best friend, have a person that is like a brother or sister.

“If you have a lot of money, that doesn’t always make life happy and joyful for you.”

Everyone needs to enjoy the littlest things in life like beaches, ice cream, the sunsets. Also, remember that life is not always fair when it comes knocking on the front door.

“Never expect something to be given on a silver platter and handed to you at the front door.”

Sometimes nothing goes the way people want it to, which makes things suck. Not everyone has to deal with that, so they do not move on and dwell on the problem.

Charlee said, “Learn something new every day, even when you do not realize it.”

Like tennis, people can be playing doubles with their friends and then playing alone. It is still fun to play, especially with a group of friends.  

“Playing a sport is great but always make sure you will enjoy it.”

Considering becoming a writer but she does write her own stories. They are kind of bad and will share if she wants to.

She said, “Sometimes it is better to have a partner but other times you have to ride solo.”

Charlee likes to write but only if the topic is interesting enough or she will try to make the topic more interesting so she can write, if not she will not do it.

“Not every rule, command or statement has to be followed that specific way,” said Charlee.

Her plans after high school are to get into a good college like UCLA and USC or a college that is outside of California.

“It is fun to be a troll about things, but it is different when there are rivals.”

Charlee will keep playing tennis and practicing to get better. Also, she will try harder to get into a tournament like Wimbledon and hopefully, do good at it.

“Strive to be the best you can be,” she says.

She wants to be an assistant veterinarian or a photographer. She loves animals and also trying to take great photos or videos.

“Photos can say a thousand words while helping can say more.”

Charlee FitzMaurice, student journalist

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