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Andres Geronimo
Andres Geronimo is currently a freshman at Clairemont High School, he went to Marston Middle School for 7th and 8th, he was born and has lived in San Diego for the majority of his life and currently 14 years old.

“The day I got off the bus and entered that gate, I got a whole different vibe and an  unexplainable feeling but the closest I can get to it would be a more mature environment.”

His time during high school has been excellent, he likes to learn new things each day and prefers learning visually due to it being easier and less stressful.

“Learning visually has made my life so much easier and it has helped me more and it has improved my academic skills.”

Geronimo's favorite activities to do is learn new things or do fun things. Andres prefers running and for the days he feels lazy he likes to stay home and watch Youtube.

“Usually I have a lot of free time, so I get to do two things. For example, when i'm bored and I want to get up and do something, I like to go run or when im bored but don't want to get up I like to watch Youtube.”

The academy Geronimo chose was Health and Medicals Sciences. The medical academy was his first choice and he enjoys the time spent in the class learning about new things in the medical field.

“When we went to CHS to get our acceptance letters, the moment I opened the letter and saw Health and Medical Sciences I was excited to see what new things I would and in all honestly I was nervous I don't know why, but I just was.”

His future plans are to finish high school and go into a 4 year college. If completing all that he would look into a career in the medical field such as a doctor.

“I would like to become a doctor. I always fantasized in becoming one and I hope that fantasy can one day become reality”

Andres has 5 people in his family including himself, he is the oldest out of 3 and lived with both his mother and father. He has 1 younger brother at the age of 13 and 1 younger sister at the age of 9.

“My family is pretty unique due to my last name being the only one around in our neighborhood and that makes me feel special.”

Andres Geronimo, student-journalist

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