• The Arrow Will Return After Summer Break. . .maybe
Alexis Martinez, student journalist
Alexis is a 10th grader in Clairemont High School; she is not happy to be back in school.

She has one brother and he is 21 years old; he is about to be a father to a beautiful little girl. Alexis is also going to be an auntie.

She wanted a little sibling but sadly could not have one so he brother becoming a dad was great for her.

She does not really like school but she knows that she has to do it to have a successful life. She wants to be able to help other people who need it.

In high school, the worst thing students can do is not do their work on time then stress about it. Students should make sure that there are lots of time for things to be done and turn in the earlier it is done the better.

Alexis said, “I don’t recommend procrastinating.”

Although she is not ready for school she is excited for what this year has planned for, hopefully, tons of success. She wants great classes and teachers.

Something important that she realized is this year she is going to try in school.

Some interests that she has learned was to be social and focus have a mindset of what can be done. This can go to high school and after the student graduates.

What Alexis is planning to do after high school is going to college and major business then after that go to culinary school and open her own restaurant.

She has always enjoyed cooking putting a smile on people is the best. That is why she wants to open a restaurant so she can serve people.

Alexis is a caring person.  She hopes she can inspire kids since she knows that someone can use her help. 

“The best thing a student at any high school can do is be involved with the school whether it's with clubs, or sports because that's what looks good on a college application,” said Alexis.  

She had Mr. Senteno last year and she learned more than she expected and she’s in journalism again this year but in advanced. She wants to learn different topics, wants to make an improvement and Alexis’ friends can maybe help her with this.

Alexis wants to open her own restaurant since she enjoys cooking and putting a smile on people's faces and maybe help her friends with what they want to do in life.

Her plan B is to become a social worker to help abused children. It has always hurt her when kids are not loved or treated well.

Alexis Martinez, student journalist

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