Goodbye Mr. Z

English teacher Mr. Zauderer

English teacher Mr. Zauderer

Cheyenne R. McKee, Assistant Editor/student-journalist

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Summer is near, but with this season comes the absence of teachers, friends, and seniors.

One of Clairemont High’s beloved English teacher will, sadly, be leaving. Mr. Zauderer or Mr. Z, as many call him, plans on taking a few years off of teaching to take a sabbatical in Baja, California.

Mr. Z says that when he gets to Baja he will mostly focus on writing his book but he preferred not to give any information about the book before he writes it.

“I don’t like talking about it I just wanna write about it.”

One of the reasons why he chose Baja was to complete a surfing goal that he has had.

“It is a world class surfing destination that has a perfect wave that does something special 2 or 3 times a year and I want to be there to accomplish a surfing feat while I’m still young, at 45,” he added.

Mr. Zauderer is not all work and no play, though. Other than hoping to write an amazing book he also has other plans for his short time in Mexico.

“There is a surfing goal and a writing goal other than that probably a lot of reading. I’m also doing some long distance learning taking correspondence courses, furthering my education. I also started getting into welding, but I’m pretty bad at it so far,” said Mr. Z

Due to budget cuts, as a result of an expected decrease in the student population, Clairemont had to remove at least one of their teachers from the staff for next year. So Mr. Z offered to forgo his position from CHS and will not be coming back after his sabbatical.

“I will not be coming back to Clairemont. I voluntarily resigned my position, so that everybody else could stay and keep doing what they want to do.”

Thank you Mr. Zauderer for all of the work that you have done and put into your students. Clairemont wishes you the very best on your next endeavors through all the rest of your years of teaching.