Saying Goodbye To The Academy Of Engineering Design

Photo by: Addison Rice

Photo by: Addison Rice

Addison Rice, Assistant Editor/Student-Journalist

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It was revealed in May that the Engineering Academy would be removed from Clairemont High School (CHS) and the Information Technology (IT) Academy would be split into two different pathways.

This came as a shock to many students as well as teachers and most are upset by it.

Some feel the loss in friends more so than in education. Freshman Amelia Rowe transferred at the semester but she already feels like she has a second family.

“It honestly really sucks. I’ve only been here for a few weeks, but the Engineering Academy has become like a second home to me. I’ll miss the other kids, the teachers, and the memories we’ve made,” said Amelia.

Other students are more focussed on the education they are losing.

Freshman Grace Norton said, “I am sad that the Engineering Academy is closing because it is a really interesting field and it has been fun learning about the subject.”

While not everyone in the academy is sure they will go into the area of engineering, they saw being in it as a chance to explore the field and see if they would be interested in it.

“I am disappointed with the removal of the Engineering Academy. I looked at these four years as an opportunity to discover my passion for engineering or obtain the realization that this will not be my future career,” said freshman Evelyn Hascall.

While Evelyn is transferring to the Academy of Business, she claimed she had a tough time deciding since none of the other institutions interested her in a big way which is another reason she hates the removal.

While most people are sad about the loss of the branch some are responding with anger. Many also feel that splitting the IT Academy into two different pathways, coding and game design, does not compensate for the lack of the beloved academy.

In a post on Instagram freshman Drew Jeter wrote, “Coding, is not, and will never be the same, in any connotation, to the way the Academy of Engineering Design changed and changes our lives for the future.”

While teachers are also upset, they seem to understand more than the students about why the academy has to go.

CHS English teacher Ms. Riley said, “I feel sad and disappointed, and I feel bad for the kids who were really dedicated to our academy, but I also understand why we have to make this change, and I think it’ll be fine in the end. We’ll make Clairemont great no matter what academies we have!”

Students and teachers may be responding in different ways, but in the end there is no doubt that the Academy of Engineering Design will be terribly missed.