Goodbye Journalism

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Goodbye Journalism

Haley Engelbrecht, student-journalist

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This semester has been rocky, lots of ups and downs conflicting with my motivation to finish my sophomore year.

Journalism has enabled me to expand my writing in a way I never thought I would. All the rules and guidelines for creating a perfect story is stressful.

This class has definitely taught me how to not be wordy and instead write to make a point and educate the reader.

Another is finding the perfect research. Looking up websites that relate to the topic can be either easy or hard by using trusted sites and the correct citation.

I am going to miss coming into class and taking notes for CNN 10 because learning about what is happening miles and miles away from me can be shocking compared to where I live. Hearing about the insane poverty increases make me grateful to live in the United States and to have free education.

I am definitely not going to miss having to write ‘a million’ drafts per week to have a final draft for the CHS Arrow newspaper website. Having chemistry, English, history and journalism homework every night made getting enough sleep very difficult.

I am looking forward to seeing how younger journalists develop at Clairemont High School. Even though it is at risk of being cut and many students will be glad to see it go, I will stand for it and hopefully help kids write expressing their creativity on their mind and not get criticized for it.

Overall, this class has assisted me in grasping to look outside the box. Literally, looking away from the computer and interviewing face to face with teens at the school about their experiences here and how things should change.