Next Steps For The Class Of 2019

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With the end of the year just around the corner, many seniors were asked what their next step will be. Here are where some of the Class of 2019 will be riding off to.

Harmony Aguirre: I plan on attending Mesa and then transferring to UCSD.

Connor Behan: I was accepted to SDSU with early admission on January 15 and have submitted my intent to enroll there within the last week.

Garrett Chamberlin: I will be going to Mesa community college and earn my associates degree in animal health, then transfer somewhere with a good veterinary program.

Rachan Homjun: I’m looking into music! I plan to go to Mesa College because it’s good. I have some friends and sisters and a brother who study there. They also have audio production technologies program. And I can pick different majors!

Xavien Johnson: I plan on attending Grossmont College for two years, completing my general education. From there I plan on transferring my credits to SDSU to get my bachelors in business and graphic design.

Johnny Luong: I plan to attend college at Miramar. I want to attend at Miramar because they have a really good auto shop. My dad owns his own shop and he wants me to go to college and learn so when he fully retires I can take over his shop and start living easy. That’s like his will in a way, go to college, get the experience and I’ll give you this in return.

Anastasia Makuyev: San Diego Mesa!

Matthew Mauga: La Sierra University!

Jennifer Mendez: I plan on attending Mesa College.

Jasmine Mendoza: Grossmont community college!

Lennon Moore: I plan on attending Mesa Community College where I will be completing 2 years of my General Education and transfer to UCSD to become a Trauma Surgeon or Reportorial Therapist.

Nirvana Ortiz-Martinez: I plan to attend Mesa Community College at the end of my senior year, I want to attend mesa for two years full time and hopefully by then I can have my Associate’s degree. After my two years, I want to apply to UC Merced and finish, get my Ph.D. in the career I want. From then I’ll just see how it goes.

Gissell Perez: I plan on attending Mesa.

Idiana Perez: San Diego City College!

Emma Plum: I plan on attending Mesa.

Rosa Ramos: San Diego Mesa College!

Josue Edrei Rivas: I plan on going to San Diego City College.

Vanessa Salceda: I am going to be attending Mesa.

Antonio Sanchez-Rodriguez: I will be planning to attend CSN. or my second option which is Mesa College.

Jacob Stone: I plan on going to Mesa Jr. College for my GE credits then either joining the Navy or switching to State.

Jonah Stratton: I plan on attending Horizon University, or Calvary Chapel bible college.

Nicole Villarreal: I am going to be attending CSU Channel Islands or San Francisco State.

Megan White: UCSD!

Good Luck Chieftains!