Beyond The Scoreboard

Tanika Hahn, student-journalist

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It might not be as far as space but it is beyond the number on the scoreboard. Beyond The Scoreboard is a new program at Clairemont High School (CHS) to recognize all hard working players.

Whether or not they are the ¨star player¨ this program gives all hard working athletes a chance to shine.

Clairemont High School athletic director and head football coach Mr. Diaz said, ¨So this is a program that Mr. Williams and I put together too highlight or attempt to highlight and get all the sports featured, not just the athletes and their performances but just athletes and their character alone in the community and on campus alone. So it’s not just like the star athlete it’s also the athlete who is a bunch of different characteristic traits.¨

Coaches will nominate students that are some of the hardest working players on the team. They will not take into consideration how many points they score each game or any other stereotypes.

¨The coaches of each sport will nominate an athlete and they’ll submit it to Mr. Williams and then he will send it out to get it out to the community and the campus,¨ said Mr. Diaz.

All of the coaches and athletes will have their own opinion on this program. Whether or not they agree with it, it will be happening.

Mr. Diaz said, ¨I think that it will be a good way to have their accomplishments known and to make it be known that athletes don’t have to be great at their sport but give hard, good hard effort on the field off the field. I think it’s just nice to be recognized for all those character traits and out of the classroom doing good things.¨

The idea of this new program is not just to increase the confidence of students or to encourage them to work harder but to better the school. Beyond The Scoreboard will create a more positive environment and prevent discrimination.

Mr. Diaz also said, ¨I think it’s a good thing cause it’s sometimes, sports get a good spotlight, athletes get a good spotlight but not always do the middle players on the team get recognition when they work just as hard as everyone else. So I think it’s a good way to get them noticed a little bit more for all their accomplishments.¨

When it comes down to it the best is not the person who scores the most points. It is the person who plays with their team, has passion, shows up to practice and gives it their all.