Sierra Crocker, Future Prima Ballerina

Tanika Hahn, Student-Journalist

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New York City is not ready for this. The Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) New York finals are a dream come true for Clairemont High School senior and fierce competitor Sierra Crocker.

The Youth America Grand Prix is the world’s largest non-profit international student ballet competition and scholarship program. This competition has two rounds, the semi-finals, and the finals.

In order to make it to the finals, the competitor must have a minimum score of a 96 or receive an invitation to the finals. Sierra Crocker placed second in the senior classical division with her amazing technique.

Sierra said, ¨So this is my third year competing. The first year I did it, I didn’t place and the second year I got top 24.¨

Just to place at YAGP is not easy, the judges look for more than just technique. They look for artistry, professionalism, and musicality.

Sierra spends 10-11 hours in the studio each week perfecting her technique.

¨I dance about 4 hours a week and then I normally do 6 to 7 hours on the weekend,¨ said Sierra.

The reward is a dream come true and she wants to dance professionally in a company and eventually become a teacher.

¨I want to dance in a company and I want to teach.”

Sierra says that Ballet West is her dream company and that it was an amazing summer intensive.

¨I went to Houston Ballet in 2015, and in 2016 I went to Ballet West on scholarship and then last year I went to Boston Ballet.”

Most Intensives are hard to get in to and they rarely give out scholarships. They look for a lot in a dancer.

Sierra is a balanced dancer doing ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and modern. Her favorite style of dance is ballet but she really enjoys tap as well.

With her talent, Sierra plans do big things and continue to follow her dreams.