Goodbye Journalism

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Goodbye Journalism

Lindsey Flores, student-journalist

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Goodbye journalism.

I’ve learned a lot about journalism during the past few months. I learned about how articles are written and the correct writing style of journalism. Becoming a writer has always been something I’ve considered, and thanks to this journalism course I’ve experienced what it feels like.

Another thing I’ve gained from this class is the knowledge of what’s going around the world.

I believe I’ve definitely improved since we first started, I learned that a quote stands alone and that a period goes before the ending quotation mark, not after.

I will miss watching CNN 10 every morning and taking notes because I enjoy knowing how rapidly society’s been changing.

There honestly isn’t something about this class that I won’t miss. I don’t think journalism should be cut from Clairemont as an available elective. It simply isn’t fair, I understand we might not get as many readers as we used to, but that shouldn’t be enough reason to get rid of our school newspaper. Overall from this school year, I gained knowledge in writing and was able to write stories as if I were a real journalist.


Lindsey Flores