Goodbye Journalism

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Goodbye Journalism

Idiana Perez, Editor in Chief/student-journalist

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These past 4 years have been a rocky journey and a blessing. I was able to grow as a person and have changed as a student throughout these years. Although for some 4 years is a little but for me, it was long enough that I felt that I had spent half of my life’s effort into my schoolwork.

I not only improved in my studies but I improved in my writing something that I am grateful for. Writing to me is not just work, it is power.

With the writing skills I learned in my English classes and in journalism I will use them not halfheartedly but with my 100% best.

Journalism to me was a class that one could not take lightly. It was where I bettered my writing skills and I caught a glimpse of the scary world through the news specifically CNN.

I will miss having to write papers based on my choice of topic and I will miss the amazing tips Mr. Senteno, my journalism teacher, taught me. I will, however, not miss having to help others in writing their paper since I am a “lone wolf” and like to do things for myself only but it was fun being Editor in Chief.

It saddens me to know that journalism will be cut next year. Whenever students at Clairemont High hear that a specific class requires an immense amount of work they complain and make up their minds to not take that class and unfortunately I was one of those students too.

However, when I decided to take journalism in my final year at Clairemont in order to better my writing and challenge myself I do not regret having made that decision.

Writing is a huge part of our daily lives and if you write like a kindergartner chances are you will not get far in society and people will look down on you. As a result, taking a class like journalism will open your view on topics and make you think in ways that not many people can.

You grow as a person through journalism and growing is a gift not many people can get.

Overall journalism along with other classes I took throughout the 4 years in school will not go to waste since I will use the skills I learned in the classes for my future.

Although the past 4 years have been a ride that gave me headaches and pain I am proud to say that it was not as bad as I say it is.

Clairemont High School is a calming school and although the people might not be great you can learn to love yourself and plan your future without other people interrupting and preventing you from planning to do so.

When I graduate I plan to get a degree in something people would not expect me to get as an antisocial person and I will stay true to myself and along the way I will pick up ideas and views and use them for my knowledge. I promise to everyone in this school that I will be someone that can be looked up to and respected.