Goodbye Journalism

Yurana Alva, student-journalist

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Journalism is an amazing elective Clairemont High School provided for 9-12th graders. It shows students what is happening around the world. Being in journalism was a great experience for my first year at Clairemont.

In the beginning, I did not know what this class was or what it meant. When we started writing stories Mr. Senteno would say, “You cannot use contractions, you cannot use “because” and there is “no talking to the readers.”

It was a struggle for me at the beginning but after time I started to understand. I will miss all the pressure Mr. Senteno would give us. Something that I will not miss from this class is him giving us assignments every day and giving us a deadline.

Journalism should not be cut off for next year since students need it. It has been an unforgettable journalism experience to be in. Next year I am looking forward to being more on task with homework and all my classes.