A Ninth Graders Reflection of High School

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A Ninth Graders Reflection of High School

Draven Sowinski, student-journalist

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My first year at Clairemont High School was better than I could have expected. Across the street at Marston Middle School, the teachers always say that high school teachers are mean and very strict however I have yet to experience that.

Over at Marston, you could not do or say half the things that are natural and normal right over here. To think there is so drastic of improvement by just taking one turn is baffling.

Being at middle school really annoyed me and made me bored and uninterested in school or anything else for that matter. However, coming over here has changed that.

Open campus lunches are fun and being able to just walk around for the whole lunch period is definitely a breath of fresh air. Across the street, we could barely take one step off the lunch court before someone was yelling and telling us to go back.

The ability to use our phones during lunch and in some classes is something that all students welcome with open arms. Being here gives a sense of freedom I could only dream of having at Marston.

At the beginning of the year I was not very excited about having to go back to school again but the first couple of days were good and the block schedule was a big improvement to the seven periods I was used to. The class length was a little scary at first but the classes pass by quickly most days and they do not feel like they are an hour and a half.

My “A” day consists of P.E. and biology in the second and third period. My two everyday classes for the first semester were a math class in first period and a band class fourth

My “A” day is my favorite day because of being able to do P.E. and my biology class was interesting and the teacher is fun. He can be strict and a little mean at times but overall he is pretty funny and has a good time making fun of our mistakes.

My “B” day consists of an English class and an Honors biology class. Since I am in the Health and Medical Sciences Academy(HMSA), we have two biology classes but I do not have a problem with it.

I joined HMSA because of my interest in biology and the human body but so far I have been a little disappointed about what we have learned in our biology classes. There is a big focus on diabetes and that does not really interest me at all.

I know that it is important to learn about but I just do not care about it or want to hear about it. The focus on diabetes does not make classes very fun.

I am hoping next year we focus more on the human body and the brain instead. Psychology is extremely interesting to me and I want to learn about it at some point in my high school career.

My second semester I kept my second and third-period classes but got new classes for first and fourth period. I looked at my schedule and saw video production for the first period and art for my last period.

I was looking forward to video production. I had heard that it was a fun class with a good teacher and an easy A grade.

However, I was not looking forward to art class. I am not very good at it and I would rather not take the class in eighth and ninth grade.

I first got to video production and it was fun and easy for the most part. The teacher was fun and I was not having a bad time there.  

I then joined the lacrosse team and went to practice. It was a pretty entertaining time but it did not feel like it was right for me.

After practice, I waited outside in the cold and it had started to rain. I stood around for my stepdad to pick me up and as I was waiting, I got sick.

The next five days of school I did not go to and was promptly kicked off the team. When I came back to video production everyone was very far ahead, which they should be, and I was very far behind.

I already did not have an interest in video production and editing, but being far behind was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I stopped caring about the assignments and just gave up since my disinterest overtook me.  

One day I was on my phone with my legs up on a chair and he walked up to me. He politely told me to leave and go find another class to be in.

I was a little relieved to not be in the class again and be able to start new. I was given two choices, journalism and auto shop.

I chose journalism class and I would say it is an upgrade from video production. While it is a lot of writing, I am fine with it and I am actually interested in the subject.

I have always been a writer so it drew me towards choosing journalism. My first day was a little shaky since I got yelled at, but I got the hang of it later and was fine the rest of the semester.  

Art class was the same all semester though. It is just boring.

The social aspect of high school is also something I am really enjoying so far. I am friends with just about everyone in all of my classes and everyone here that I do not know seems nice as well.

I feel like I have been here for a very long time but it really has only been about six months. The only times I get reminded about my freshman status is when someone does something stupid in a class and a teacher responds by saying “freshman”.

I am a big fan of the pep rally schedule whenever it happens and it is great to see my friends that are in different academies and be able to hang out with them on the bleachers and watch all the teams and clubs perform. The pep rally is a break in the normal schedule and gives you something to look forward to in the day other than going home.

Speaking of going home, the release time of 2:07 is great. I get to be home at about 2:30 and I have the whole day ahead of me still.

It is an extra hour of free time I have. I really like being able to get home at such an early time or possibly go to the park and have fun with my friends there.

Overall my year was great and I really liked being in high school. It is so much better than middle school and the improvement was a big surprise to me.