Summertime Slowdown

Krystal Sifuentes, Assistant Editor/student-journalist

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During the summer, students find themselves bored and not accomplishing anything. This happens when pupils have no plans, however, creating a schedule can break the ice.

This is a time many enjoy breathing in and smelling the pollen.

Find out many ways this sunny season can be different and not feel that it has gone to waste.

Cooling down: After hard work put into school, sports, or any other hobby throughout the year. Most deserve time off and time to do various activities such as drawing, watching Netflix, sleeping, and reading.

Mindset: This is important for one to have since everything is off one’s plate. Being worry free is key to have a successful summer.

Relax but not too much: Being lazy may be enjoyable but keeping the mindset while being extremely productive can create better habits. 

Productivity: Create a schedule, wake up at the same time, do the same hobby, and have fun. Focusing on the main goal and record time.

Keep Busy: If not much to do one cannot become productive. Find hobbies and activities that skill can be gained through doing it.

Stay Organized: The process of everything can become easier, once organization skills develop. Finding a pattern to workflow, keeping a check-list, cleaning for 15 minutes a day, can give less stress.

Consistency: Productivity levels will stay high as long as one attempts to develop habits, every day.

Participation: Many may think summer is a time for no work. However if done correctly when back to school, habits, and schedules developed can be an extra helping hand.