Curtain Comes Down On Theatre

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Curtain Comes Down On Theatre

Tanika Hahn, student-journalist

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Students can kiss theater goodbye as of April 1st. It was recently announced that Clairemont High School (CHS) will be getting rid of the theater program school officials announced.

This is happening due to budget cuts and with the new academy, Clairemont cannot afford to keep this program around.

The Academy of the Arts will be emerging at CHS to compensate for the loss of theater, journalism and other electives.

San Diego Unified performing arts director I.T. Snotreel said, “I have no personal connection to the Clairemont High School theater program but I am saddened by the news. I think every high school should have a performing arts program of their own.”

The Clairemont theater program will disappear at the end of the 2019 school year.

Chieftains are devastated by the news. As a result, some students are considering switching schools.

CHS junior Notta Trustori said, “I can’t imagine a good reason to stay at this school without theater, sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me up in the morning.”

As sad as the loss is this change could really help the school. By getting rid of theater students will have more future opportunities.

CHS Theater administrator Issa Fakestory said, “You know getting rid of theater is a really bad thing but in a way, I think it could benefit the school. I think this could be a really good thing for students to explore other subjects. Without theater, we will have so much more money and we will be able to have more science classes and more field trips!”

School officials understand this might cause outrage but theater is too much money.

Clairemont High School board leader Lolla Uaghing said, “We don’t have enough money for anything but what are we supposed to do? Close down the whole school when there is a quick fix. No, we cut theater. It’s a no brainer!”

Theater is an issue all over campus since students are focusing more on their upcoming plays and practices than they are school work. 82% of the students in theater have low SAT  scores due to the lack of studying.

San Diego Unified School District leader Abril Fersst said, “It’s ridiculous! Students are failing their classes because there’s no GPA requirement at all! 50% of the theater students at CHS are failing their classes I’ve never seen grades that low.”

For some students theater was the only thing motivating them to get good grades and this will affect them greatly.

CHS sophomore Fay Kaprilstorri said, “Theater pushes me to get good grades, I work harder because of it. I’m lost without, I don’t know what to do with my life! I think the world is over!”

“Was I dramatic?” she added. 

CHS is working hard to better the school and if cutting theater will help that is the way it has to be.