Coming Soon: A New Academy!

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Coming Soon: A New Academy!

Addy Rice, assistant editor/student-journalist

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Say hello to Clairemont High School’s fifth academy. On April 1st the transformation for adding the Academy of Arts to the existing four will begin.

The school has been getting complaints about the lack of classes for kids who want to pursue a career in the arts. Finally, a petition was formed and enough signatures gathered for the school district to make the decision to add a fifth academy to Clairemont.

Freshman Alec Tricity said, “There were academies for everything else and it just sucked to have the arts underrepresented. Plus, I was forced to go into an academy that focused on something I’m not even interested in.”

Tricity was one of the many students to endorse the petition. It was signed by both middle and high schoolers as well as parents.

It is planned for the institute to be up and running for the 2019-2020 school year.

Incoming freshman, as well as next years sophomores, will be allowed to join the academy. The school decided that this year’s 10th and 11th are too embedded in their current academy to switch.

The career and technical education (CTE) courses for the Academy of Arts will consist of an art class for freshman, theater for sophomores, and dance for juniors. There are no CTE sessions for seniors in any branch.

The art class will expose students to different forms of creation. This includes drawing, painting, sculpting, and among others.

The theater class will consist of teaching young adults acting techniques as well as singing. They will put on plays along with musicals, also covering the mechanics of running a show.

The dance class will supply adolescents with many different ways to move. Ballet, jazz, and contemporary are a few of the styles that will be taught.

A current eighth grader that plans to join the academy P. Rank said, “I am really excited. I’ve always loved to dance, but have mainly only done ballet, it will be fun to try different types.”

The classes will be taught in the current art and theater rooms. The dance course will be instructed in the room used for the after-school program, arc, which is also where the school’s Signature Dance Crew practices.

Clairemont hopes to get enough money, later on, to be able to remodel another room to a dance studio.

There is an issue with funding also. While there is more money coming for the new academy of the school, more will be taken from the budgets of the other four.

Some parents of students in the other academies are outraged.

The father of a sophomore Dan D. Lyonflower said, “The business academy is already underfunded in my opinion and now they’re telling me we are losing even more money. You have got to be kidding me!”

Funding will also be taken from the theater program, which will no longer be available for the 2019-2020 school year. This loss is angering some of the students.

“Thanks to this new academy, I won’t be able to be in theater for my senior year. It was so much fun, and I really hate to lose it,” said Clairemont High School junior I.M. Aclown.

The money will go towards new supplies as well as new educators. While the current art teacher Ms. Berlin will be teaching the freshman’s CTE class there is still a need for instructors for the sophomores and juniors.

Though this transformation is costing much, the school board believes it will be worth it.

School board member Mike Rohwave said, “I think this academy can have lasting impacts if put to use, we have to be able to supply our students with all opportunities and that’s what I believe this new academy will do.”

The new theater and dance classes will also be available to other students as electives. Those in the arts academy will not be able to take those courses if they have the same one for their CTE class.

The hope for the Academy of Arts is to build a more inclusive environment for all young pupils, and while not all approve, students and staff are ready to welcome in the new school.