Chieftains Transition to School Uniforms!

Krystal Sifuentes, assistant editor/student-journalist

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After discussing amongst San Diego Unified School District officials and the principals on how to improve the school community, they came to the conclusion of adding uniforms. April 1st marks the beginning of Clairemont High School’s (CHS) transition to the new policy.

At CHS there have been many situations where students have felt left out with not having trendy clothes. With their wardrobe becoming a distraction during class, the best option is for all students to dress the same.

Counselor Mr. Gotemall said, “Adding uniforms will prevent students from worrying about what others think about their style. Social barriers for teens are unnecessary and should be eliminated. If uniforms are what it takes then add them.”

The new policy will begin on April 1st, 2019 and the outfits will be worn beginning the week after Spring Break. Uniforms will be required for every student since research shows that schools that use this attire do better academically.

A study with an assistant professor Virginia Draa at Youngstown State University, showed her results on how attendance, graduation, and proficiency pass rates were higher.

Online newspaper Great Schools reports, “Draa’s study concluded that those schools with uniform policies improved in attendance, graduation, and suspension rates.”

Students at Clairemont have recently had trouble staying on top of their work with frequent obstacles. A survey given to CHS students showed the results of their wardrobe getting in the way of school.

Sophomore J. Okesonu said, “I like to wear what I like because I actually think fashion is cool. But, sometimes I think about it too much so maybe the change won’t be that bad.”

The uniform’s style will not be old school but, will be a fairly simple and new design. It will help eliminate the dilemma of not having the proper attire.

Depending on the student purchasing their clothes options will include hoodies with logo, school shirts with logo, tan shorts, leggings, tan pants, and a complete tracksuit. Color options for every item will be blue, black, orange, and white.

Everyone will be required to wear ties and sports coats.

Upperclassmen believe the tradition of being able to freestyle with their clothes is fair. Being able to wear what they want while following dress code has been followed since CHS first opened in 1960.

Senior T. Rolled said, “This is my last year and I just wouldn’t want the younger people not having the same freedom as I did, not being able to wear just about anything.”

Other teens do not mind the change. Not only will they be affected but, so will the teachers.

Math teacher Chester Jester said, “I actually went to Clairemont High School growing up and getting to pick my outfit was not the world to me. However, having that changed can really be taking away from students that do care. As long as the uniforms are somewhat stylish, then students won’t mind. But I’m not so sure about what the other teachers think about it.”

Clairemont has also recently suffered less school spirit in the past 3 years. Most pupils do not see the point of showing school spirit.

Uniform representative Mr. Rostedyu said, “When I went on the Clairemont campus I didn’t see much school spirit the only things that were, were athletes wearing their training gear. I definitely think once they adapt to the idea of everyone having uniforms the campus will have more school spirit. Another school I worked with had a similar problem and once uniforms were added they felt more connected.”

With the uniforms, more school spirit will be shown and encouraged throughout the school. This can lead to the school feeling more united.

To not completely cut off the idea of students not being able to express themselves through their style, throughout the month there will be free dress days following the current dress code. These days will ensure that uniforms will not have to be worn every day.

This will guide pupils down the right path and focus on the right aspects of the school.

With a heavy amount of confidence, the uniforms will be officially sold on April 1st, 2019. 

ASB will be displaying the uniforms for all to see during lunch and after school.