No More Vice Principals!

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No More Vice Principals!

Cheyenne McKee, assistant editor/student-journalist

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Say goodbye to our beloved vice principals at Clairemont High School. San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) will be letting go of all vice principals (VP’s) in the San Diego Country as of April 1st.  

The Board of Employment, part of SDUSD, has decided to start cutting down on any “unneeded” personnel in schools around the district. Mr. Cliff Hanger, head of The Board of Employment, says that all of this has to do with budget cuts.

“As of April 1st, we will sadly have to let go all of the vice principals under San Diego Unified, which of course, includes Clairemont High. There really isn’t enough money in the district’s budget right now for every school to have a VP, let alone two or three. At the end of the day though, we have dearly appreciated all of the work they have done to help make our schools great and we truly wish the best for them.”

Considering the new changes, the principals on all campuses, including Clairemont’s Mrs. April Fulya, will have to take on all of the extra workloads themselves. Some of the staff members at CHS are concerned about whether they can handle it.

Administrative counselor Mr. C. H. Ieftan said, “I think that all of the changes that have been happening lately, need to stop. First, it was getting rid of the football team, then the cheerleaders, and now this? They keep changing everything which makes it harder for us to keep everything organized. I also think that they are making a big mistake taking out the VP’s. We need them to help keep everything in tip-top shape without them, I think everything is going to get much harder.”

Board of Employment member Mr. Lou Kout says that they will not be making any further changes in their department for the time being. They also say they will not be hiring or firing any more of the staff until much later, they think they will hopefully have enough in the budget to keep everyone employed, after the cut until 2020.

“We apologize for the confusion on things, but we think that these new circumstances, however unfortunate, will be life-saving for San Diego schools. We are trying to cut down on anything or anyone for that matter, that we don’t desperately need. This includes the vice principals,” said Anita Bathe administrative personnel of the school board.  

With all of these new changes though, one might wonder if the board’s changes will affect any of the day-to-day student life.

These changes will only affect the staff, all students will not be affected by this. They might, however, be sad to see them leaving us, which is why we will be having an assembly for them after school on April 1st.

Passes can be picked up at the new ASB office in room 9 3/4.