No Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2019

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No Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2019

Photo by: KUSI

Photo by: KUSI

Photo by: KUSI

Photo by: KUSI

Idiana Perez, Editor in Chief/student-journalist

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Shocking news was announced to the seniors by Clairemont High School officials, “THERE WILL BE NO GRADUATION CEREMONY THIS YEAR!”

On April 1st seniors were gathered in the auditorium and were informed that there would be no graduation ceremony for the class of 2019 due to the marijuana use sprouting around the school.

CHS senior Sill Yme said, “It’s ridiculous that seniors have to suffer the consequences of other people’s bad decisions in life when we didn’t even do anything to cause this problem. The freshmen and sophomores are the ones who caused this.”

This year the school had to bring the most number of police dogs in order to inspect students belongings in class than any other year.

Chieftains of various grades have been found with marijuana and wax pens hidden within their backpacks. Many have been caught smoking in the bathrooms.

“We have reached the point where we have had enough. Bringing in the police dogs hasn’t made the problem any better so we have decided to show authority and bring consequences to students of all grades and seniors are no exception to this,” said Clairemont High School Vice Principal G. Otcha.

The online analyzing data website The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has reported that the number of seniors graduating each year has been increasing and CHS is no exception to this report.

More seniors are graduating this year at Clairemont High than last year.

“It is true that more 12th graders are graduating this year than last year which saddens me with them (class of 2019) not being able to have a graduation ceremony this year,” said vice principal T. Ricky.

Seniors have started writing petitions in order to bring back the graduation ceremony and rebelling against school officials by not attending classes.

One of the seniors in charge of the protests April Fulstory said, “We will not allow the school to treat us this way. We have had enough. Out of all the grades, the senior class of 2019 has been treated the worst. We are guinea pigs for this school so I think it’s about time we hit back.”

The 9th, 10th, and 11th graders continue to smoke at school specifically in the bathrooms and causing fire drills.

One freshman who requested to stay anonymous said, “It really doesn’t affect us. Yeah, we feel bad but it’s not like it’s the end of the world. Seniors are smart they could fix this somehow or come up with a better replacement for the graduation ceremony. Maybe have a picnic after school.”

Rumors have been going around school that the seniors are planning on having a walkout and carrying signs throughout the community in order to get support and demand that the school takes back their decision on the cancellation of the graduation ceremony.

“We have hope that the school officials will take back their decisions and allow us to have a graduation ceremony because I honestly don’t think there is a point in us graduating when we can’t even have a proper final goodbye at school,” said Clairemont High School senior D. Idigetu.