New Lunch Choices Starting Today!

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New Lunch Choices Starting Today!

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Beginning on April 1st, a new lunch menu will be offered at Clairemont High School. Due to the cancellation of some sports funding, the campus will now have some tasty options that will consist of Pizza Hut, KFC and more!

The lunches at CHS are not very popular. Some kids do get lunches, but a good percentage choose to go hungry rather than eat school food or bringing food from home.

Students at CHS have been speaking with the school administrators about how the lunches are not appealing and in some cases, make the students sick. The principal is finally taking the complaints into account and is taking action.

Senior Ben Lyon said, “I’m excited about the new snacks. I kind of wish they did this sooner because it’s my last year here so I’m not gonna have these good lunches for that long. I’ve been eating this stale food for years and now they add this.”

The money for the food carts are coming from the Clairemont football team funding, as is it being discontinued due to low performance and other classified reasons.

The school board completely agrees with Clairemont’s choice.

Confidential Admin Assistant Peter C. Tale said, “There are wants and needs of students. Clairemont already has given the needs. Giving what the students want when the funds are available is important too and if they genuinely want good food and you can afford it then give them what they want.”

Other schools have tried to acquire better lunches for the students but the money for these meals is just not there. CHS now has just enough money to have new lunches for 5 years.

Some staff members do not like this idea as to some it seems unnecessary and a waste of money that can go into something better.

CHS staff member Ms. Claire Mont said, “This is a really bad idea. The school board tries to make the food healthier for students and then allows this. Terrible idea.”

There have been few complaints, mostly about how schools strive to give out healthy foods and Clairemont is giving out unhealthy junk that can potentially harm the students.

Another problem some staff members have is that they believe that the new fund can be used for something better and more effective to the community.

Community member Mr. Ben Tryingtofulu said, “Why are we wasting this precious money on some unhealthy junk food when we can use it for more school supplies or fixing the bathrooms?”

The school has started a fund to raise money and have improved meals for a longer period and maybe even permanently. An assembly will take place later after school on April 1st to inform of this fund and advise the students.

The assembly will also address what food will be offered. KFC, Pizza Hut, Chick-Fil-A are some eateries restaurants the administration has revealed but expect more to come.