New Schedules Start Today!

photo by: Google

photo by: Google

Andres Geronimo, student-journalist

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Students from Clairemont High School (CHS) in the San Diego School District will experience a drastic new schedule change starting April 1st.

School board official Mr. Fulingu said, “Many students from around the San Diego district seem to have stopped caring about their grades so we have made some adjustments and we hope with this schedule change it helps them adjust their behavior and improve in their academic skills by adding new classes.”

Students are infuriated with the new change with some saying this will not help and will put them under a lot more stress.

Chieftains are scared that the new schedule change will be the cause of them academically failing their classes, making them stressed, and mad.

Currently, CHS has four classes each day, and the classes switch depending if it is an A or B day lasting 90 minutes referred to as a block schedule. When the new change comes into place, the students will have 8 classes instead of 4 a day that will last around 50 minutes each with a 0 and 7th period.

Zero period will start at 6:30 am and end at 7:15.

CHS sophomore T. Rikonu said, “In all honesty, I hate this new change because on a block schedule it leaves me time to do my homework and doesn’t have me stressing about other classes but with this change I’m going to be in a lot of stress with having to do a huge amount of homework each night.”

Many teachers disagree with the students saying it will help the pupils be more responsible.

Chemistry teacher Mr. U. Felfurit said, “This schedule might be one of the best ideas the district has ever made. It teaches students to be more responsible in turning in work and will help them become more organized.”

The CHS staff will be holding a meeting to discuss the topic of the new schedule and how lessons will change. This meeting took place the last week of March when all the students were on Spring Break.

Remember that today, April 1st, students need to report to the office to pick up a new class schedule.