Physical Education Being Cut

Kayla McDonnell, student-journalist

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Say goodbye to physical education (p.e)! Clairemont High School (CHS) announced that it is planning to get rid of physical education as of April 1st and will not bring it back.

CHS has been open since 1960 making it 59 years old. There have been many changes such as removing gymnastics, adding academies, changing the school mascot, and even adding the new business building.

Over the years there has always been physical education. It is supposed to keep kids physically engaged and exposed to the outdoors, keeping them in shape as they grow.

However, there are some students that cannot complete physical activities.

Sophomore H. Eman said, “I can’t run miles every day because I’m sore from my team practice, but they still make me run.”

A lot of staff members disapprove though.

Math teacher April Showers said, “I think P.E. should be required because kids aren’t getting activity at home, and they could risk getting overweight.”

While many staff and parents agree with her, the school board is not going to cancel the plan to remove physical education.

School board Mrs. Anita Bath said, “Too many parents are complaining to us about how p.e. is affecting their child, so we listened and made decisions based on what was going on with the students.”

Some students are excited about this news, such as freshman S.M. Allfish.

“I’m excited about this because I’m really bad at miles and we have to run them almost every day so it’s nice to get rid of it.”

Junior Anne T. Lope is not so excited about the change.

“I actually enjoy running and playing sports with my friends and now I can’t because they are getting rid of p.e.,” she said.

Although CHS is getting rid of physical education classes they are going to make it mandatory for all students to join a school sports team to fulfill the graduation requirement.

Sophomore Emma Tosmall said, “I don’t understand why we have to join sports, it really makes me angry. I can’t even hit a ball when I try.”