Hard Time In My Life

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Hard Time In My Life

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Dear Regina Falangi,

It has been a hard time in my life. College applications are approaching, high school is coming to an end in a stressful manner, extracurricular activities are as busy as ever, I am becoming more distant from my friends and family with all of these activities. I do not know what to do. How do you recommend I balance my troubled life while still maintaining friendships and family relations?

Senior Guy

Dear Senior Guy,

I will agree that college application time is usually the most stressful during our high school careers. However, I suggest dropping some of the extracurriculars. I know that sports and clubs and other activities are what we do because they are fun. But if these fun things are getting in the way of your schooling and a chance at college, maybe they aren’t worth it. Try stopping the activities or lightening the amount of time spent at your practices and meetings. This will give you time to focus on school, family, and straightening out your troubled life.


Regina Falange