Teen Life Can Be Stressing

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Teen Life Can Be Stressing

photo by Alexis Martinez

photo by Alexis Martinez

photo by Alexis Martinez

photo by Alexis Martinez

Alexis Martinez, student- journalist

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Working late into the night on class assignments are stressful for the average teenager.  Add to that what most teens experience at school by wanting to fit in, peer pressure, problems at home, romantic relationships, friendships; it can all cause stress and lead to several health issues for them.

One of the biggest pressures a teen has is in social situations, they want to fit in and want to be liked. 

Sometimes it may not even be the school that is stressing them out. A lot of little things can cause stress and lead to anxiety.

Clairemont High School Registered Nurse Sasha said, “Though it doesn’t make sense (for the brain) chronic stress leads to all kinds of physical health problems as well as a mental illness. So chronic stress that is not managed well tanks your immune system. It causes increased cortisol levels which then leads to increased inflammation in your body. All of those things can lead to chronic illnesses.”    

What teens should or can do is try to be organized and get enough sleep.

Studies show that when teens are organized there is less stress. It seems to be not that important but when a person is running low on sleep they cannot function which means that they will not get their work done and it stresses them out.  

One health issue that is very common among teens is tension headaches. When stress is brought on a headache can appear.

Aspirin may help but there are other options. Finding a quiet place and relaxing, or taking a nap will lessen the pain from a headache.

Sometimes it may not even be the school that is causing the stress. A lot of little things can cause it and that can lead to more anxiety.

“I would say yes and no. I think good stress is something that you know your control but you just kind of makes you nervous or anxious and I don’t know if that would be a stress-related issue but bad stress is something that. Like I said they (students) know that they should have done something and then since they did not they stress about it. But in the long run, as teenagers mature, they need to know how to deal with their stress. Just because being unprepared (in school) they feel that they are in a situation that they are helpless in and which in turn causes them to stress out over something that they are not in control of,” said chemistry teacher Mr. Beaubien.

One-third of high school students do not know what to do after graduating from high school and that can also lead to stress.

Many doctors, researchers, and medical personnel that report that it is not healthy for a teen to have a large amount of stress.

Clairemont High School therapist and clinician Mr. Schuhmann said, “So many studies out there talk about how being stressed you have a higher level of cortisol in your system which is a hormone that when you have it in your system in excess makes it easier for inflammation to occur in your organs and infections to them to occur.”

Many students feel that they should not be getting overly stressed in school. There should be classes teaching them life skills and learning how to deal with problems along with education.

Teachers know how stress is and how it affects their students. Young adults do not know how to deal with it so they take it in different.

“I’ve learned that exercise can burn off some of those emotions and feelings and really neutralize the negative effects,  having good nutrition, and getting enough sleep makes me capable of dealing with stress,” said Nurse Sasha.

Teens may not need stress in their lives but they do need to learn how to react to it. It will help them in their future as they become older.