Real Life Classes Needed But Academies Are Liked

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High school has partly prepared me for college and life. High school has not taught us everything we need to know in the ¨real life¨. High school has taught us how to be responsible in doing our homework and classwork and turning it in on time. Some things that we learn in my opinion we will never need in real life, like some math that they teach us, we won´t need unless we want a certain job that requires that. Our other classes other than math we will need in the real world, helping us with our writing that obviously we will need our whole lives, and history with learning about the past so we the future generation won’t commit the same mistakes as our past generations. What I really like about this high school is that we have academies and we have a specific class that the academy that we are in teaches us. The academy I went to which is business provided us with how to manage stocks which is really helpful for our future if we want to invest on something smart like a stock and gain more money with them, make our life better for our future. They also teach us how to make a resume and that is helpful is we want to get a job and what to put to get the job and we also practiced some question that the interviewers could ask us so we could already know what to say. Some classes that we do need and that will better prepare us for our future is a class where they teach us how to do our taxes. When we get out of high school and get a job or some of us that already have a job need to do our taxes in order to not get arrested and in trouble with the government. We also need a class that teaches us real-world scenarios because here in high school we can turn many things late and they still accept it not like in college that the professors don’t accept anything late and will just give us an F. In college it is very different from high school I the way that they won’t care if we are doing good or bad and classes and will just drop us. In college, they do not care about our attendance and if we do not attend they will not give us a warning and simply drop us from that class and will kick us out of the school. We need a class that will give us the experience of college and how that will work out and that it is nothing similar to high school. Here in high school, they teach us how to be more confident in presenting and pushing us not to be that shy. I have heard that in college they will make us present in front of way more people that we present in a class of high school.