Prepared And Unprepared

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I feel as though high school has and has not prepared me for college and life. One reason that I feel that I am unprepared, is due to the academies. The academies prevented me from meeting new people and having different teachers, which is exactly what college utilizes. In college, you are going to meet new people and have many different professors. Making us students stay with the same peers and same teachers all four years of high school, does not prepare us for college at all. It does not improve our social skills in order to make new friends. In college, depending on your student to faculty ratio, you may not get one-on-one time with your professor like high school and you won’t have the same professor for multiple years which causes students to think that college is going to be easy. Not being able to communicate with different people will create a drawback in the real world.

Although the academies are not helpful , they do provide a general knowledge of what field you may want to go into. I was in the business academy. This was not the field I want to go into, but having a background of business is a really great thing to have that will benefit you in the future. I feel as though I have a general knowledge of what business entails.

I believe that high schools are lacking the foundation of basic home necessities, such as keeping a checkbook, opening a debit/credit card, etc. High schools should have the option of taking this class.

Jessica Abouserhal, senior