In College, the Professors Are Relaxed

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I would say that high school has not done much to help me be more prepared for college, but it had helped better me for my future. I am saying this because every teacher I have had has been very strict on rules and not easy going. In college, the professors are more relaxed and easy going. I know that high school has prepared me to be more independent. I am now more aware of my actions, and throughout all the times I did not do my work learned how to be more responsible. High school has definitely had its ups and downs, but overall I have enjoyed my time but not all the work and the rude teachers (some). Honestly, I think that high school is a waste of time because we are given work that most students decide not to do and they just get yelled at. Students get yelled at for some of the dumbest things ever. For example, if you didn’t do your homework, you would get yelled at, whereas if you are in college, you would not be getting yelled at because everything is on your own and is your choice. Most high schools are free of cost and mandatory for you to get to whereas college you are paying a lot of money, and it is not mandatory to go to. As a high school student your schedule is already made by others, and as if you were in college your schedule is picked out by you. Each day you would have to go from class to class and spend 6 or more hours a day. When you are in college, you can choose if you would want morning, afternoon, or night classes and you only spend about 12 to 16 hours each week in class. If you are a high school student and you do something wrong you would normally be called out in front of everyone and be publicly corrected about it. When you are a college student, you are supposed to take responsibility for what you do and do not do and know the consequences of your actions. The high school year is 36 weeks long, and there is also summer school and some other options whereas in college you only have 2, 15 week semesters and an extra week for exams after each semester.

Anonymous, senior