Dear Regina Falange

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Dear Regina Falange

Regina Falange, Advice Columnist

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Dear Regina Falange,
I am a new student to this school and I am also a senior. I don’t know many people and personally, I don’t mind much. But what I would like to ask you about is a girl. She is a junior and an amazing person. I want to ask her to a dance but I don’t know if I should wait to get to know her better (I have known her for several weeks) or ask her now. Thank you and can’t wait to hear back.

From anonymous


Dear anonymous,

I hope your transition to a new school has been well and not too stressful. Personally being a girl, I think you should get to know her better before you make any big moves. Don’t wait forever because she may lose interest if she thinks the relationship is going nowhere. However, wait for 2 to 3 more weeks and ask her if she has any feelings for you back. If so, great! You can figure out your relationship from there. However, if she “friend zones” you, respect her choice and don’t act weird with her. She may need more time so don’t pressure her. I hope you two work out and can go out together.

xoxo ~Regina Falange