A Sport To Some But Not To All

Megan J. Payne, The Arrow

Maxine J. Payne, student-journalist

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B-A-S, K-E-T, A basket for a victory! Go Chiefs! Yell out the Clairemont High School (CHS) cheerleaders during a game in the basketball season as they sit on the sidelines.

Many people debate over whether cheerleading is a sport or not, some say it is, others say it is not. Students think it depends on how good the team is or how involved they are with the school and each other.

The CHS security officer Robert Dean said, “I’d say, the really good teams, or the nationally ranked teams, do a lot of lifting weights and do a lot of training. So I would say from that aspect (cheer) would be considered a sport.”

Some people say cheerleading is not a sport for the reason that it does not involve any competition, but other things cheer has in common with other sports.

“I say cheer is most definitely a sport because they involve doing a lot of physical activity. Football players throw balls, cheerleaders throw people,” said sophomore cheerleader Emily Baros.

Although it does not have some things other sports have, cheerleading does meet all of the athletic specifications. For the reason that its primary purpose is to support high school and college athletic teams, cheerleading is more than a sport.

CHS head football coach and athletic director Mr. Diaz said, “Cheer has been recognized as a club for many years, and the CIF here in California has recognized cheer as a sport. I think there’s a lot of things in cheer that other sports have to do as well. So yes, it is a sport.”

No matter if it is considered a sport or not, cheer is an integral part of the athletic program in high schools. Cheerleaders help keep the games uplifting even if their team is loosing.

“I think cheer is very important to the athletic program. When cheerleaders are at games, it creates this cool atmosphere. Also, cheer helps the crowd get riled up and going,” said Coach Diaz.

Baros added, “I think cheer is an important part of the athletic program because it gives an outlet to really creative people. People think that we are not the most athletic, but we are really athletic when you get to know us. It is just amazing to show and raise spirit for our school.”

Some people may think what matters is how vital cheerleading is to their athletic program, school or team.

A cheerleader who requested to stay anonymous said, “Yes I do think cheer is an important part of the athletic program because first of all, many people don’t really appreciate feminism. During games, not all players are able to participate due to another teammate not passing the ball to them for any kind of reason. Being in cheer helps teens have both daily exercises and, most importantly, have a chance to participate in something they love.”

Head cheer coach Melissa said, “Cheer is definitely important to the athletic program. All sports are important to the program.”

The debate will continue with the school and sports communities now and possibly forever but cheerleading is here to stay. YAY CHEER!!