Cell Phone Use In Classes Is Everyone’s Responsibility

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Cell Phone Use In Classes Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Photo by Ruby Morales

Photo by Ruby Morales

Photo by Ruby Morales

Photo by Ruby Morales

Ruby Morales, student-journalist

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A cellular device is an equivalent to a computer the size of a palm and they are still advancing. Young adults in today’s society would not be surprised if someone has a cell phone since it is used for various reasons.

High schoolers use their phones for different things on a daily basis at school. There are some teachers and students that believe that they should be used in class, while others may say it is unethical to have them in school.

According to Debating the Use of Digital Devices in the Classroom news article from Concordia University Portland, supporters of technology in the classroom state that using cells can keep students engaged but critics say it is yet another distraction in the class.

Many teachers do not mind students using their phones during class time as long as they are still paying attention.

“My teachers only let me use my phone if it’s for an educational purpose such as accessing a document or something,” said Engineering and Design Academy junior Noah Hascall.

There are teachers who do not like phone use during class and confiscate it if they see it out. Most of the teachers on campus have the rule where pupils cannot have cells out at all during a test or a quiz.

Concordia University also reported that some positive effects of students having phones in the class include parents having peace of mind if there is an emergency then they can quickly contact their child at school.

Students additionally can access videos and documents that the teacher shows to the class.

The negative effects of cell phone use in class are that they can be a distraction from schoolwork since students can have the temptation of going on social media or texting. Having cells in the classroom would only increase that possibility and it could also increase the risk of pupils cheating according to the Concordia University of Portland.

Teachers debate on this matter. Some say that students should just stick with the laptops.

Clairemont high biology teacher Ms. Maynard said,  “There is no reason to use a phone. We have calculators, we have high-speed laptops that they can log onto very quickly and it shouldn’t be just one person using technology. It’s either we’re all using it and we all have access to it, but not on the phones.”

Other faculty says that cells should be in the classroom, but they should be used in certain ways.

“Considering that we’re a technology-based society, it should be allowed but in a controlled manner. Not just for the students to be pretending to use them, but knowing that they should use them for their academic work, for example, recording interviews, doing research, or video production. It can be used in many positive ways, it’s just important that students and teachers realize that it has to be in a controlled manner. The teachers have to come up with a plan and the students have to stick with the plan, understanding that it’s only for the classroom use and not to just be texting everybody,” said CHS English and journalism teacher Mr. Senteno.

Students also their thoughts on the subject.

Hascall said, “(Students) should be able to use their phones for school stuff during school but that’s it.”

Health and Medical Academy sophomore Alexis Martinez agrees with Ms. Maynard saying that students should stick with the laptops that are already available.

Martinez said, “I think it should not be allowed just because now everything is just about phones and technology. I have a habit of picking up my phone when I’m not supposed to. We have computers so whatever we have to do online or on the phone they can do it on the computer. I really don’t find the (reason) of kids taking out their phones unless it’s for taking pictures or recording something but I think it shouldn’t be allowed because I find it kind of meaningless because now most everybody has phones so their habit is just taking out their phones and sending a message to their friends or family or whatever they’re doing but I just think that shouldn’t be allowed.”

Though CHS is not able to have phones during each class students at least have laptops that help throughout the school day. Maybe one-day Chieftains might use cell phones in all classrooms responsibly.