Boy’s Water Polo Splashing To Victory

Jasmine Mendoza and Natasha Maciel, student journalists

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Football might be a classic, but Clairemont High School’s water polo team is swimming into the hearts of everyone.

For one the team has been the most consistent when it comes to their success rate. An example was the 13-5 Chieftain victory against arch-rival University City High School for the first time in school history.

The relationship this team has can be compared to one of a family that is not hard to believe considering the immense respect these water polo player clearly convey when talking about one another.

Their reasons for joining the water polo team varies with some players saying that their decision was mostly based on family members pushing them to be a part of it or due to the fact that they love to swim which is the case for most of the players.

The respect these athletes have for themselves, their team, and this sport, is something to admire but something that really makes them stand out is the determination and time they put into getting better and to winning. The water polo team making it to the playoffs this a season is proof that whatever they are doing is paying off.

Senior Beau Buser said, “We are winning a lot more than any other sport in the school.”

The team is moderately successful due to the leadership and hard work all the players put in as well as the skills exhibited by the strongest players. 

As others may agree, the water polo team is one of the closest teams on campus, not just being players but also close friends.

Chieftain Jake Stone said, “The team keeps me going, they remind me in games that even if I miss a shot it’s okay, there’s always the next time, and they’re good for moral support.”

This year they had hopes of repeating as CIF champions but lost in the playoffs. But they continue to take pride in having a winning tradition.

It is clear that Clairemont’s division one water polo team not only influences them to be a better player but to be a good teammate towards each other and be there for each other.