Loud and Proud, Clairemont High Cheerleaders

Harmony Aguirre, student journalist

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Loud, proud and can excite a crowd, the Clairemont High School cheerleaders are always working hard to set high energy during sports games.

Clairemont High’s cheerleading squad always work hard at practices in order to be great for the crowds.

Everyone has different motivations for doing certain extra-curricular activities. 

Varsity cheerleader and team co-captain Serenity Kennedy is passionate about cheer and her motivations are from the heart and out of love.

“My main motivation is my parents. My dad passed away when I was 13 and I know that this is something that would make him super proud of me.”

Serenity has been doing cheer for the past four years. She was recently made one of the two team captains.

“I enjoy leading the team and being their captain, but one of my favorite parts of cheer is the stunting,” she said.

Being in a sport sometimes has some very positive effects on the players.

Serenity believes that one of her major achievements is just the overall growth in the sport,

“When I first started cheer, I started off really terrible and now I’ve grown to be one of the best bases on the squad,” she said.

When being part of a sports team, practice and attending is a key role in being a player, all training is different; some sports have weight training while others have conditioning and some just focus on plays for the big games.

“(Our) practice hours differ depending on what performances we have going on, but we usually do two to four hours, twice a week,” Serenity said.

Players often complain about their practice but Serenity says that she likes it since as a team they make the decisions and work together to look and sound good, everyone helps out.

A few downsides are that practice can be very tiring and sometimes frustrating.

“As a fourth-year returner things can get very repetitive and you have to have a lot of patience for incoming cheerleaders,” she said.

Many players have different perspectives when it comes to a good season. For Serenity, it is participating in a local contest and placing in third or above.

The cheer team has not been in a competition since Serenity’s freshman year but the cheer program has been focusing on growing and getting better.

Senior and varsity cheerleader Vanessa Salceda says her motivations for cheer are getting to spend time with her friends and learning new cheers and stunts. This year is her second year on the Clairemont cheer team.

“A good season for me would be a season when all of us know all of the cheers and we don’t have to be struggling to think of different cheers to call at football games. Also being able to have our routines ready two or three weeks before performing day instead of two days before the performing day,” she said.

When it comes to balancing school work, sports, and social life Vanessa does it all with ease.

“It’s not that hard to balance school work, a social life, and cheer because I only have cheer practice on Wednesdays and games on Fridays so I have the other days to work on homework and talk to my friends,” she said.

Vanessa has learned that teamwork is essential, especially when it comes to making sure her fellow teammate does not fall to the floor when being lifted up.

“Teamwork takes a lot of patience and there are bad times and good times but at the end of the day you have to remember that you are all on the team and you should be getting along and working together,” she said.

The varsity cheerleading team ended their fall season and had their senior night in October but look for them to be cheering on the Chieftain basketball team very soon.