Cheer Is About School Spirit and More

Ruby Morales, student journalist

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Clairemont High School’s cheer team yells, “WE”RE A SPORT, YES WE ARE!” but many students would say otherwise. CHS’s Cheer being considered a sport is very controversial but they believe it is.

“Yes, we do active workouts and lift real humans in the air,” said Clairemont cheer squad member Heather Magana.

Cheer has been known for pumping up the crowds during a game, using cheers and chants to do so.

“We have some cheers that we love to share with (students) to get them pumped,” said Magana.

Added fellow cheer squad member Kendally Alvorado, “We manage to pump up the crowd by having loud voices and using chants that the crowd can easily follow along too.”

Many students believe that CHS is lacking school spirit. In general, they think that they do not have a lot of school spirit themselves.

But the cheer team believes that they have school spirit, especially after they finish their cheers.

Magana said, “For sure we have spirit(.) Every time we are done with a cheer, we show our pride for Clairemont.”

Many people join cheer because they like cheering the school on, especially for the sports teams. They enjoy being able to spread their school spirit during the games.

“I chose cheer because I enjoy making the school cheer for our team,” said Heather.

Cheer can actually teach various skills that can help outside of the cheer squad. Skills like teamwork, communication, and courage are just a few.

Kendally said, “Some of the skills I have learned that help outside of the sport is teamwork and courage,”

“Teamwork and communication,” said Heather.

Teamwork is a very key part in cheer since they must work together and in sync to perform their cheers. But also, communication is a big one.

“We are always there for one another,” said Heather, “We talk before the year starts and we are a big team and family. No matter what we are always there for one another.”

But another very key part is timing. Timing is very important so you can keep a polished performance.

“Some of the tactics we have to be able to work together are timing to keep things polished and energized,” said Kendally

Also, you need to behave well if you want to be apart of cheer.

Kendally said, “Some of the expectations for the team is to be responsible and set an example of good behavior and sportsmanship.”

Some cheerleaders would like to take cheer to the professional level.

“Yes, I want to be cheering when I am in college like (in) real competition team(s),” said Heather.

But all in all, cheer is about teamwork. Getting to know one another, and being able to communicate with others so you can nail a cheer for the crowds.

Cheer is about coming together to show the crowds that they believe that their school will win no matter what. And that is the purpose of cheer.

“I really want all of us to come closer,” said Heather.