Clairemont High’s Boys Beach Volleyball

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Clairemont High’s Boys Beach Volleyball

photo by Charlee FitzMaurice, The Arrow

photo by Charlee FitzMaurice, The Arrow

photo by Charlee FitzMaurice, The Arrow

photo by Charlee FitzMaurice, The Arrow

Charlee FitzMaurice, student journalist

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There are many sports on campus but not all are sanctioned by CIF and are not widely known outside of the school.

Beach volleyball is one of these team sports that does not receive a lot of student recognition or hype for local news.

The practice area is in the far corner of the softball field area and the sand is not actual sand like at the beaches.

“The sand at Clairemont is more like dirt, it’s not like (beach) sand,” said team member Thomas Fitzmaurice.

Added teammate Cole Wehsener, “It is easier to play at beaches because its actual sand, here it’s like dirt.”

Fitzmaurice chose beach volleyball to be with his friends and thought it would be fun to try it. Wehsener decided to try beach volleyball for two reasons; one he likes going to the beach and two he likes volleyball.

Both are partners this beach volleyball season and they both like having each other as teammates on the team.

In beach volleyball they do not play by themselves, they are partners. But during practice, beach volleyball mixes up the partners.

Fitzmaurice said, “Cole and I are usually always partners but at practice, we mix it up sometimes.”

“I have the same partner the past years but they can change each day,” said Wehsener.

The team practices are usually two to three hours. It depends on how long they want to train or on the number of games they want to play.

For the practices and games beach volleyball play doubles, unlike tennis where there are either doubles or singles. They also all wear matching uniforms, t-shirt, and trunks.

FitzMaurice said, “We have got some cool trunks and the t-shirts are pretty cool.”

During the boys’ beach volleyball season there is little bonding time to get to know each other better. The only time they are together is during practices or games.

For both the girls and boys beach volleyball teams there are no playoffs, CIF patches, or league championships since they are considered club teams.

FitzMaurice said, “I think we should be a serious sport.”

Many would agree that beach volleyball should be more than a club.

Beach volleyball is a good sport to play with a good partner, a great practice and having fun with the team.