JV Football Has What It Takes

Claremont football/SD Uniontribune

Claremont football/SD Uniontribune

Megan Payne, student-journalist

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The Clairemont JV football team plays every Thursday of the football season and make sure they do their best and showing a lot of school spirit. While football is a popular sport, it does not mean all teams are good and win every game.

Angel Colmenares, Abelino Moreno, Norman Freeman, and Lupe Flores are all members of the Clairemont High School junior varsity football team, coached by Coach Diaz.

All four of the students say that their main goal for the year is to get good grades. 

They all agree that their team is pretty close and have a good friendship with each other.

Yet Freeman says he had trouble fitting in because he skipped football last year as a sophomore, although it got better as the season went on.

“We are really close, we are like best friends, but for me personally I met some of them over summer and some at the beginning of the school year,” said Flores.

They all say that their goal for the team was to get through as many games as possible, to improve and to win. They also aimed to get the team closer together and bring them back up to the top, since the football program has kind of been in a tough situation since there is not a lot of players on the team.

Freeman said, “My goal (was) to work with the team and help them build back up since they are currently in a tight spot, but we aren’t going to give up.”

Others joined for different reasons.

Colmenares says he needed something to do and he did have an interest in football so he joined the team.

Freeman says he started to play football because he older brother played and he felt obligated to join, but now it is because of his own desire.

Moreno said, “I wanted to play football for the fact that football helps you stay athletic, which helps you stay healthy.”

Colmenares’ favorite part about being on the team is the coaches, for the reason for them making the sports fun and enjoyable.  Moreno’s favorite part is the game time on the field.

“Being able to be a part of a family, being with a group of guys who work together and overcome odds with strength and discipline is my favorite part about being on the team,” says Freeman.

For Moreno being on the team means being able to hit someone really hard.

Like Freeman, many of the players say making it to varsity and playing under the Friday night lights is what they most look forward to.

The students do not think the requirements are too strict.

The main requirement only being that athletes have to have passing grades as well as putting in the effort.

Whenever someone openly badmouths the team the students do not appreciate it, even if it was not directly to their face.

For Flores, it depends if they are on the team or not. If they are and they say they do not do good it is fine since they are on the team and they know more about it then people who are not on the team.

“I think we work too hard for people to be talking smack about us, and I personally don’t appreciate it,” said Moreno.

English and journalism teacher Mr. Senteno, who has coached at the high school and college level, says that the guys who have stayed on the team put in the effort and have not quit have what it takes.

“They might not be winning but I would rather have 20 guys who have heart than 4o who don’t. That’s dedication, that’s effort and they have character. Those guys are winners.”