Chieftain Spirit Is Disappearing

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Chieftain Spirit Is Disappearing

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School spirit is a staple in modern high schools in America and throughout the world. It is one of the variables which can tell if a school is a desirable place to go to, or if it is the place that students will regret going to.

Clairemont high school is a (campus) with very limited prospects. Whether it is school spirit, student population,(classes) available, or even something as minor as air conditioning or food, it is struggling to provide resources that other schools can easily provide.

School spirit is derived from not only the size of a schools population, but also its student’s enjoyment, treatment, the success of the school teams, and how closely they feel like a school. When you put them together, Clairemont seems to have some school spirit, but there is a sizable chasm for what they could fill.

Our sports teams are good and bad. Our water polo is great, so is our swimming and wrestling, and our volleyball is decent. But the sports that truly elect school spirit, football and basketball, quite truly suck.

The students do not actually participate in anything in the pep rally, they cannot hear what the people are saying, and it’s too uncomfortable in there with the heat.

ASB fails to plan anything good and to put an analogy for it; the ASB would be the dad from Everybody Hates Chris if creativity was money.

With our small population, we cannot really do anything that requires a large crowd, yet we also are not doing anything that could be done with a small crowd.

So in my opinion, though there was not much of it, the school spirit is dying at Clairemont, and might just die off.


Shane Henry, senior