Better Teams & Support Can Help School Spirit

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I do not believe that Clairemont has the most school spirit, primarily because most schools advertise and pump up football games to be big school events, which pull in big crowds but not at our school.

For Chieftains in specific, it is more fun to go and watch them get crushed by every team in the San Diego County. One of the few reasons I personally go to games is to socialize with friends, not to watch our most hyped team lose by 54 points; it’s honestly hard to watch and have school spirit because it’s like beating a dead bush.

Other sports teams do not get the recognition they deserve, for example, I haven’t heard of a single home game that girls Field Hockey or Volleyball have had in the last week. It would be far more exciting to go and watch one of Clairemont’s sports teams be competent, but also have the school back them up for games.

It is also hard to get a large crowd because half of the students at this school are bused in and have no available form of transportation to get to the game. Some of our highest ranked sports teams play off campus, such as our Boys and Girls Water Polo teams (both have won CIF for their division in the last two years. The only way you hear about these games is through players or one person in ASB who had the courage to make a poster for them.

There is no better feeling than having school support for important games, it not only encourages the players but it creates a better environment for everyone. This is why I believe we don’t have school spirit.


Stephen Drummy, senior