No School Spirit, Don’t Like School

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In my opinion Clairemont, high school does not have much school spirit. Whenever there are pep rallies the only students that show spirit are the seniors probably because we know we just have one more year left of school. School just does not make (teens) happy. Some people might prefer to stay home but have to force themselves to come to get a diploma and be done with high school.

The (students) that do not show school spirit like me simply just do not want to be in school. Us students that do not like to embarrass ourselves and show school spirit just need bribing. If you bribe a student with extra credit or food they might just do it. Teachers should offer more extra credit for at least trying to show spirit and looking like you cared.

Some people might just not want to show spirit because of laziness. This school should put more effort in their pep rallies and maybe people would care. As I seen in other schools Their pep rallies look like they put more effort into them, we need funnier people that will lead the pep rally and louder music.


Karla Cervantes, senior