To Have School Spirit, Get Involved!

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Throughout my three years at Clairemont, I noticed that certain grades have a different level of school spirit.

I believe that my class, class of 2019, is the most spirited. I believe this because the majority of the 2019 class are all involved in sports. We have tri-athletes involved in sports of every season.

Having school spirit involves being a part of extracurricular activities. Freshmen tend to be the least spirited due to it being their first year in high school. They’ll be shy and closed off because they just moved from a smaller school to a bigger school with intimidating teachers and/or students.

Seniors tend to be the most spirited because it is their last year in high school. It’s their final year before moving on to adulthood, so they want to take advantage of their final years as youthful teenagers.

Students are quick to point fingers and blame the other classes for being unspirited, but we all need to be involved in the school in some way.

In my opinion, just showing up to school ready to learn shows school spirit. I feel that certain games are more exciting than others. For example, football, waterpolo, and basketball tend to be the more hyped sports.

However, I feel that we need to start supporting and showing spirit to all of our sports because some tend to go unrecognized. An example of this would be tennis. Tennis tends to be the least talked about because it’s not filled with jocks who know the majority of the school.

We should show more school spirit towards the underdogs of sports because you’d be surprised how fun and interesting different sports are.


Jessica Abouserhal, Varsity Girls Tennis/senior