Excellent School Spirit But. . .

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In my opinion as a sophomore at CHS, we have excellent school spirit, but some things could be better.

Students here at CHS are extremely loud and enthusiastic during pep rallies, and we compete with each other in mini-games. Videos about upcoming club events are also shown, and even teachers participate in the events. I have a friend who goes to Serra high school (a former CHS student), and she told me that they do have a similar set up for pep rallies, but the students don’t seem to be as enthusiastic as they are here at CHS. I think a pep rally is when we are at the peak of our school spirit.

I have also been to a few football games due to being in the pep/marching band. Down on the field, I see players encouraging each other when they’re getting tired, or talking to a teammate when they get hurt. The cheerleaders are always smiling and cheering as loud as they can.

As for the pep band, I love playing during games. It’s kind of like cheering, but with music instead of words. I love playing trumpet anyway, but getting to show my school spirit and cheer people on makes it even better.

However, there are only two things that I think could be better. I think more thought should be put into spirit week themes, as hardly anyone ever participates in them save for ASB members (even then, it’s part of their grade). So, most people either don’t do it all, or they do it for a grade/extra credit. I believe that if more thought were put into these themes, people would be more willing to participate.

I also think that more information about clubs should be presented. This is because some clubs (like art) can help promote even more school spirit. It would be a good idea to have clubs post more signs around the school. As a side note, ASB also needs to make more effort on the signs, their boring and they don’t really catch that much attention.

Club rush should also happen more than twice a year, that way students (especially freshman) would have more than two chances to get to know the officers of a club before they check it out. In addition to that, the clubs page of the school website should be updated, as the advisor listed there is the wrong person, and some of these clubs don’t even exist anymore. The club names should also be links so students can get the name of the teacher running the club, the days and times the club meets, and an overall summary of the purpose and goals of the club.

But overall, yes. CHS does have some of the best school spirit I’ve seen.


Alexis Otterson, CHS Band member